Feb 26 • 9M

Mending the Major

Winnipesaukee's flagship peak: in recovery mode

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Miles Howard
A firsthand guide to unusual hiking in New England's backcountry, cities, suburbs, and more. Reported by journalist and author Miles Howard.
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Each summer, thousands of Lake Winnipesaukee visitors clamber up Mount Major to gaze across the gargantuan body of water to the White Mountains. And sadly, a lot of hikers leave this lakeside mountain worse than they found it. Volunteers have spent countless hours removing trash and graffiti from Mount Major over the decades. If you want to experience the gusty peak in its most tranquil, unspoiled form, the time to visit is now, when Mount Major is blanketed with snow—recuperating from seasonal tourism. If you’re just getting the knack of winter mountain climbing, it’s a gorgeous gateway hike that will put some seasoning on your poles and your traction footwear.

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